Scholarship Assessment Test(SAT)

CMI-SAT is the standardized exam that lets you determine how prepared you are for college/university. It tests your reading, comprehension and mathematical skills all at once. CMI-SAT also compares your performance against other students of your level.

When you apply for any college/university in India associated with CMI, then you are expected to submit your CMI-SAT scores for getting admission with scholarship opportunities. Depending on the college you are applying for, either of CMI-SAT score may account for almost 50% of the admission decision. Therefore, getting a good score in this exam is extremely important.

300+ colleges and universities in India will accept the CMI-SAT scores and almost all the college/university need you to present your CMI-SAT scores.

If you are looking to get admission in the India colleges/university, or if you are an international student looking to study in the India, then CMI-SAT becomes best for you.

About The CMI-SAT:

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CMI is a one-stop solution making courses and colleges selection easy for students looking to peruse MBA, Engineering, MBBS, Law, Fashion, Mass communication, and other Undergraduate, Post graduate, professional courses and test preparation in India or abroad.

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